Product Name: Multi-row Sanitary Napkin Production Line With Quick-Easy Packing SNM-M-r 900
Model: SNM-M-r 900
Place of Origin: CHINA

◎Designed Speed: 100m/min
◎Working Output: 900pcs /min
◎Qualified rate: 98%
◎Installed Capacity: 125kw(Including hot melt system)
◎Practical Capacity: 100kw(Including hot melt system)
◎Electric Power Supply: Three-phase 380V/50hz(Ground wire)
◎Electric wire: 3x36mm2+1x16mm2
◎Lowest Barometric Pressure: 8kg/cm2
◎Air Compressor: >0.6Mpa, 1.8m3/min,
◎Gross Weight: 45mt
◎Noise: <85dB(A)
◎Machine Size: 35m x 2m x 3.2m
◎Working Space: 40m x 4m x 4m
◎Color: Grey (According to order)
◎Products Size: 230mm --320mm

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