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Hygienic Products Machinery Series

Our main products are hygienic articles production lines. All the machines from design to make are done by ourselves with our own intellectual property rights.
They are not only machines to make products for women and babies, but also for medical patients and others. Machines can be designed and made to the clients’ requirements. That is to say, any usage you want, we can help you to realize, like Raising Seedling Nutrition Mat Production Line, we also make.
All our machines prices are lower. Take our latest model Multi-row Sanitary Napkins Production Line with the Output of 900 pieces per minute for example, our price is half of the full servo devices with the equivalent or less output in market. So is our Multi-row Panty Liners Production Line With Quick-Easy Packing PLM-M-r3600.
Particularly, we make not only  disposable underpad production line, operating gown production line, and bed sheet production line, but also dental bib production line and fenestrated surgery drape production line.

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Hygienic Products
Besides making machines, we also have sub companies to make hygienic products. Our bay diapers, adult diapers, feminine napkins, panty liners and medical underpads sell well not only within the country, but also all over the world.
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We provide lifelong services for all our products.

The guarantee is: we shall replace our products if it is our reason
that the equipment does not meet the requirements of the contract
within one year. Even one year later we also provide services
and equipment parts only at the price of the cost.

Our company has been deve- loping very fast with all our staff’s hard working. Now due to the needs of the business we intend to recruit sales agents abroad.
Anyone in any country can apply for vacancy. The one who succeeds in getting the first order can be the sole agent in his country. The compensation is generous and reasonable.
Those who have interest and marketing ability don’t hesitate to email us

        [email protected]
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